March 31st, 2017 - Foreword

As far as I see it, the world has been cast beneath a spell of HTML and enslaved to tiny iPhone screens. I don't want to sound too "get off my lawny" with this, but, in an attempt to present more information about this project, welcome to the CITE blog. You can come on here to find all info about the band. We do not have a facebook, instagram, or twitter because I don't care at all. So, moving forward:

We created this band in fall of 2016. Since then, we wrote 5 songs in a room together then recorded those 5 songs in a room together at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburgh, CA with Scott Goodrich. Somewhere in the middle of that we played our first show at Golden Bull in Oakland. That was real fun. Recording live is cool. Those recordings are now our S/T EP, that you can listen to right here.  There's a few photos from our first few months, the recording session and more at the bottom of this post.  I think most of them are taken by Cliff, Senny and Me (Jeff).
Next up we…